There is a thin line between relevant email, that adds value vs email that is treated as spam. Even well meant email can act as spam for many.

There are tons of us who hate spam of any sort and in turn refuse to adopt a non permission marketing technique to reach out to potential consumers. When you have a decent database of your own and a strategy to build on it, thats great.

But if you are a young startup, then you might just need the help of low cost email to tell people about your new launch. Don't hesitate in targeting groups which look like they might be interested. In my opinion, the key to avoid spam is to send valuable information just once to people.

For eg: I keep getting a message from a social network which says that a friend has invited me to join the network. That information is fine if it is sent once. Once I have declined to join the network, or just deleted the mail, I get a repeat mailer in exactly a week and once again a week after. Now that is painful.

So don't hesitate in sending out information once, but don't send the same/similar information out repeatedly.

Do share your experiences with email marketing or the world of spam.