If you notice, there is a rush by local businesses to setup facebook pages & create online communities. But some local businesses who have been there and done that have a genuine problem.

1. Content creation is a constant problem.
What poll, vote or witty joke do I share with my community today?
And will this really lead to meaningful engagement?

2. Inability to engage at the retail store
Online engagement is great, but in the absence of real engagement while the consumer is at the point of sale is absolutely meaningless.

From Facebook Communities to Mobile Communities
Imagine if you could develop a mobile community, one that is loyal & engaged.

The mobile is an awesome invention for more than one reason, it acts as the unique number which can identify an individual, and also act as a communication channel between the consumer and the brand.

Thus the mobile number if used as a loyalty & CRM tool, can identify purchase patterns, visit frequency and also be a source of genuine consumer insight. Qualitative and quantitative market research can come free. In fact it can be designed in the purchase process, and any post purchase dissonance can be captured and rectified.

More on this coming up later, let me leave you businesses with a thought. What if you had just 10000 mobile numbers, and you knew the exact purchase patterns, their affinity towards your brand, their critique and more. What if you could influence the way they talked about you in the online sphere.

How would that affect your marketing and market research strategy?