The race to a million likes on facebook or a 100K followers on twitter. Is that what leveraging social media is about? Companies seem to have taken their first steps in going social, by setting up a facebook page or a twitter account.

You know how they talk about Dell having garnered millions of dollars of business by giving away exclusive offers on twitter. If you consider giving away freebees in return for business as a success parameter, its been done ever since business existed. Replicating that success on a different platform by following this age old strategy can hardly be deemed as a successful use of the platform.

Social Media was intended to connect consumers with consumers. With the intrusion of brands, in an otherwise human world, the best case situation is that consumers now treat the brand as one of them.

Lets not assume that I think being human is not a great move by a brand. It is, but it still doesn't leverage the true power of social media.

If you as a brand want to do that, you need to architect a conversation around your brand, so the consumers are still talking to other consumers, but now they are talking about your brand. More difficult of course, but if done right, you unlock some serious potential.

What are your thoughts on architecting a conversation around a brand. Do you know of anyone successful in achieving that?

05/07/2010 10:33pm

Talking around you vs talking because of you... hmm.. interesting take..

but what it seems like is that ppl only partake with brand conversations if they get something free....

incentives to change behavior doesnt have to be "free"...

10/08/2012 2:49am

I agree. Getting too many likes and followers is not enough for social media marketing and required to keep it update and also all the followers and likes should be desirable region.


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11/09/2012 1:42pm

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03/10/2012 10:39pm

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