Was reading this Andrew Chen Post which discusses the “Friends” on Facebook vs “Followers” on Twitter model for connecting people. Interesting thoughts for sure, you should check out his blog.

We had also discussed this earlier on Marketing Amnesia to understand which model would best suit Muziboo, an upcoming startup encouraging young musicians to get an audience.

Friend vs Fan vs Follow

Anyway getting back, I noticed Cindy Alvarez’s comment on Andrew Chen's post saying...

“Despite the reputation that Twitter has as "a bunch of people tweeting what they had for breakfast", I think that the one-sided follow model *encourages* quality.

In a dual-accept friend model, there is both more context (you know if they have a penchant for sarcasm or deliver jokes with accompanying funny voices, etc.) and a certain relaxing of standards (you like them, so you don't hold their fondness for embarrassingly bad movies against them). With a public timeline that anyone-can-follow, you can't count on having ANY context - each tweet must stand alone and provide value.”

It really got me thinking, about

1. As Twitter gets more crowded, it will get more difficult to separate the noise from the value. The winners on this network will undoubtedly be thought leaders who share useful content, not once but every single time.

2. The value of Twitter by itself will depend on Cindy Alvarez’s prophecy coming true. Though Twitter has in some parlance been termed as huge conversation, In reality Twitter is more of a broadcasting service with a feedback loop.

There is value in the model undoubtedly, especially for thought leaders and wannabe thought leaders. Value for the other users is dependent on quality one way posts and links from the thought leaders they follow. Conversation with these thought leaders is possible now, but as Twitter grows it will get more difficult. Just check Wefollow.com to see the 100 thousand odd followers that Twit people command. And this is when Twitter is yet to see mainstream adoption. A conversation tool? Really?

4. Facebook with its closed network encourages relatively stronger relationships and legitimate conversation. Yes it can degenerate into seeing status messages like "I hate Mondays". But the value on Facebook is that, though individual messages lack quality, they still help you stay connected with people you know (Your Inner Circle)

5. Lastly this got me thinking about reading more comments on the blogs I read
What do you think? How would you define value from these networks? Will you define it differently? Are Facebook and Twitter comparisons justified or are these networks different animals. Will one kill the other? Probably unlikely...

And before you go, follow me on Twitter. I do promise to add value there :)


18/03/2009 7:09am

Interesting, all of this twitter vs facebook could actually become a Twitter + Facebook conversation soon

19/04/2012 1:30am

Admiring the time and energy you put into your website and in depth information you provide. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed information. Although it took me time to read through all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article.

Ishwar S
18/03/2009 7:10am

@Carl Absolutely, maybe these networks exist for different reasons and Facebook needn't lose sleep over Twitter's massive growth

14/05/2009 1:59pm

The lines are blurring, twitter leads you to facebook, facebook leads you to twitter. Social media means, social animals will decide where the lines will blur. My blog allows people to post to facebook or twitter. The tweet or facebook post brings people back to the blog. And so it carries on. I am having meaningful conversations through my tweets. At times more meaningful than on facebook. All these are tools to converse with each other. Ultimately we will decide which tool works with which one, combines best with which one and which ones we will allow more space in our lives.
My two cents :-)

14/05/2009 2:02pm

And yes, while right now, because it is nascent, we are revelling in one versus the other. Soon, once the novelty wears off, the sheer practicality of one will play as opposed to the other. In my head, I don't see any one existing on its own. The sheer value of all these social media tools working together is what makes social media tick.


09/04/2012 4:08am

I’m not often moved by informational content, but yours really made me think about your viewpoints. You have offered valuable and sound thoughts that are logical and interesting. Thank you for sharing your fine work.

24/04/2012 11:28pm

awesome comparison you made here. I think facebook looks better in comparison to twitter.

17/07/2012 10:38pm

Twitter and facebook both are the social network sites and they wants to add more and more people with there network and because they belongs to same business field we can say they are competitors.

30/09/2012 10:05pm

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20/10/2012 1:09am

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09/10/2013 3:05pm

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